Verdi Macaw
Verdi Macaws / Verde Macaws
"All information provided is first hand knowledge from personally raising the "Rare Gentle Giant Verdi Macaws"

Verdi Macaws also referred to as Verde Macaws are a hybrid cross between Buffon's Macaw and a Scarlet Macaw. 

This type of Hybridization is referred to as a F1 Hybrid (First 1st Generation) 
This particular cross is very unique from other hybrids due to several factors. 

First of which, there are 3 different sub-species of the Scarlet Macaw.

Mexican Scarlet 
Central American Scarlet
South American Scarlet
This Rare Gentle Giant Verdi Macaw pictured to the left and above are crossed utilizing the Central American Scarlet x Buffon.
The Central American Scarlet is the largest of all the sub-species with greater weight, size and wing span.

This in combination with the Great Green Macaw and or commonly referred to as the Buffon's Macaw, produces a "extremely large Macaw".
Verdi Macaw Coloration, Size, Temperament & Genetics

Colors and size will vary depending on type of Scarlet used and also vary depending on which species is the male and or female is in the cross.

A good example is the Verdi pictured here has a white upper beak. While we have seen several Verdi's from other breeders that have a solid black upper and lower beak. This is just one of the many differences that will occur when producing the Verdi Macaw hybrid. Other traits affected will be size, coloration and even temperament.

With 3 different sub-species of Scarlet's there are 6 different ways to make the Verdi cross in a perfect world. Now let's enter into the factor Intra-specific hybrids. 

Intra-specific hybrids are mating between two animals within the same species. An example of this would be two different sub-species of Scarlet's mating with one another.
Example; Central American Scarlet x South American Scarlet. Now with this factor included in the equation the possibilities change from 6 different ways to make the Verdi cross to 12 ways. 

Now again this is if it's a perfect world and not considering that the Scarlet may have multiple percentages of sub-species and be an example of 50% Central American, 25% South American Scarlet and 25% Mexican Scarlet. As you can see the 12 different ways to produce the Verdi Hybrid cross just grew and exploded beyond what we can discuss here in a short time frame. 

The Verdi Macaw hybrid will be different from each breeder for size, color patterns and temperate.

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This is one of our newest Verdi Macaws babies. In the photo it weighted in at 1428 grams at 61 days old.  Breath taking color 
"Can't wait to see its final colors after 1st molt." Absolutely the sweetest personality.
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